Meteorologist Kristin Walls


I have been fascinated by the weather since a very young age. I was never a big fan of winter weather growing up except when my school would scroll across the bottom of the screen letting me know school was canceled! Severe weather and tornadoes always grabbed my attention. 

My first stop was at Kent State University where I received my Bachelor’s degree in geography and a minor in climatology. While at KSU, I joined the student run television station, TV2.  This is where I got my first experience with broadcast meteorology.

I wasted no time after graduation from KSU and went on to get my Master's degree in Atmospheric Science at the Ohio State University. I was able to dabble in other weather related fields while at OSU. I was a research associate at the Byrd Polar Research Center where I studied volume changes to the Quelccaya ice cap in Peru. I had the opportunity to travel down to Peru in 2008 and camp out on top of the Quelccaya ice cap for a week while gathering data for research. Even though I researched volume changes to the Quelccaya ice cap, I went a different route with my thesis. My thesis focused on how tornadoes and derechos formed in the Ohio Valley since 1950. In 2009, I decided to volunteer at the National Weather Service in Wilmington, Ohio and intern at NBC4 in Columbus, Ohio.

After college, I landed my first on-air job in Steubenville, Ohio at News9. I was the weekend meteorologist and weekday reporter. While at News9, I covered the 4th biggest snowstorm on record in the Ohio Valley with over 20 inches of snow over a span of two days!

Now, I’m at WHAS11 in Louisville, Kentucky! I’m the weekend meteorologist, but fill in a lot for the morning and evening meteorologists. Since arriving in Louisville in June of 2011, the weather has been filled with so many surprises including going wall to wall multiple times for tornado warnings.  When I’m not filling in during the week, I like to get out and meet people around the community! I love to stop by schools and talk to students about the wonderful field of meteorology!   

In my spare time I love running, dancing, musical theater, hiking, tennis and spending time with my family and friends.




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